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This Whiskey Wednesday, we review a special Kentucky Bourbon, one made by a Legend.
Elmer T. Lee was a young World War 2 veteran who applied for a job at the George Stagg Distillery in 1949. Turned away by the the head honcho Colonel Blanton with the words "Son we're not hiring any hands today", Elmer showed up anyway and got to work. He rose to become the Master Distiller, the most skilled and coveted position in the Whiskey world and then created the world's first Single Barrel bourbon in 1984, Blanton's, naming it after his mentor. He created another one named after himself, picking the best of the best barrels from the Buffalo Trace rickhouse.
Elmer T Lee is a Single-Barrel Bourbon with no age statement. It's rumored to range from 8 years up to 14 years. The truth is the Elmer would pick the barrels by taste and off they'd go to be bottled. Sadly, Elmer passed away last year at 93 years of age, but the label has continued, maintaining his flavor profile.  We've got a bottle that's been aging here at The Lodge for over a year, so we know it's been hand-picked by Mr. Lee himself.  Here's our review-
NOSE- There is a clear sweetness with Vanilla, Old Leather, some Caramel, and then Oak.
TASTE- This Bourbon is Sweet in the beginning with Vanilla, Toffee, and Apricot notes before Mellowing into a Spicy zest at the back of the Palate with Tobacco, Clove, and Cinnamon.
FINISH- Very Smooth with a Warm, but not Hot, finish. We have to say that this is an Outstanding Bourbon.
Our Verdict- 92 out of 100. Elmer T Lee represents a great Single Barrel Bourbon and we think an incredible value, at around $35 a Bottle.  This is one of our favorites- drink it as often as possible.


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