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"There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the Best in a Man".
Today is International Sean Connery Day. What, you didn't know about it?
Every year, August 25th is Sir Sean Connery's birthday and fans around the world launch into movie marathons honoring the living legend.  The male heroes like McQueen, James Dean, John Wayne- these get more attention. For us, there's no single living actor tougher and cooler than Sean Connery.
Us, we're fans of the old stuff- he was we think the very best James Bond. Goldfinger? Thunderball? Come on, they don't make movies like that anymore.  The Molly Maguires, the Name of the Rose, and then the very best- The Untouchables.
You know what we like even more about Connery? He's a real man who's not afraid to stand up to the world. He was an authentic bad-ass. Before he was famous, he single-handedly took on 6 gangsters who were trying to shake him down in Scotland. He retired completely from acting, a tragedy in our opinion, because he couldn't stand the difficult people in Hollywood.
He believes in doing good- he donated his entire salary from Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves to charity. You think Tom Cruise would do that? NFW.  His life seems to be more about doing well than living well and we respect his powerful independent streak.
"Some age, others mature". We completely agree. So today we wish Mr Connery a Happy 84th Birthday.  


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