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There's a legend about a Baptist Preacher in western Virginia (now Kentucky) who invented Bourbon in the late 1700s. The story goes something like this- Elijah had begun distilling whiskey in 1789, making it the traditional way of the early American settlers. This whiskey would have been stronger and clear in color.  A fire in his barrel cooperage led to a stock of Oak that had been burned on one side. Needing the wood, they made barrels anyway and discovered that the flavor and color of the Whiskey aged in burned barrels was far superior. 
We don't know if the story is true, but we do know this- Elijah Craig makes a damn fine Bourbon.
This Whiskey Wednesday, we review the Elijah Craig 21-Year Single Barrel Bourbon. Single barrel means it isn't blended with other barrels, so the flavor may be slightly different from Barrel to Barrel. Our Bourbon went in the Barrel in 1991 and is #64.  Now 21 years is a long time to wait for Whiskey to Age- there aren't alot of American whiskeys that are released at this duration.
Color- A rich warm honey color
Taste- The pour gives off a strong sense of alcohol and you can smell the rickhouse age from the bottle. The flavor is buttery, with corn, rye, and a bit of sweetness.  A bit spicy at the back of the throat.
Finish- Elijah Craig has a warm finish with a slow burn in the end. It's not too heavy at the beginning but finishes strong.
Vote- We rate this Bourbon a 93 out of 100. While it's pretty good, it's hard to justify the price of around $150 when we think there are better, more drinkable Bourbons for much less, including the Elijah Craig 12-Year.



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