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After a nice, long weekend where there is no shaving, we're faced with the reality of Mondays. Contemplating that age-old question that only men face, to shave or not to shave.
To shave will begin growth anew and make us presentable to the business world, or at least to Ms. Lodge. To not shave will get us to the line of the next question, to Beard or not to Beard.
If you already know the answer, and the beard is for you, then congratulations my friend. You are displaying the Badge of Manhood. Take care of it and your beard will serve you well. How?
First, you need a good beard comb. You want to keep your beard neat, clean, and organized.  Here's one from Baxter of California that's a perfect size for your pocket.


Second, clean your beard and face daily.  This is important- do not use shampoo. The skin on your face needs to be moisturized and the beard hair needs to be cleaned and softened. Only a formulated beard wash and moisturizer will do just that.  We like Beard Brand's Beard Wash and Beard Oil.  Use the Wash in the morning and night to get everything clean and moisturize your skin. Use the Beard Oil to soften and organize your beard.


Third, daily maintenance.  You're a busy guy. What do you do during the day? You stroke your beard, adding oil to your face. What you should use is a Balm, formulated to keep your beard and skin moisturized.  At The Lodge, our bearded customers swear by Beard Scent- all natural and comes in a cool tin.


You can check out our Beard Care stuff here.
So Beard On, dear friends. 



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