It's Monday morning, you're sitting in another meeting, remembering how fun your weekend was. Your boss approaches you and offers his wisdom, but you can't focus on what he's saying. Instead, you're trying to identify the shade of Red. Carmine Red? Venetian? Alabama Crimson? Someone got a sunburn.  
Then you notice it. Wow, everyone has some serious tan going.  It got us thinking- what should we do to take better care of our skin while we enjoy the great Outdoors this Summer.  To help, we've put together a guide of what you should do-
#1- Always Wash Your Face- At the start of the day, and the end of it, you should always take a minute to clean up your skin. You want to remove oil, sweat, hints of bourbon, lipstick marks (if you're lucky), and suncreen so that your skin can breathe and be natural.  We recommend the Blind Barber Face Wash. With a Watermint Gin scent, it smells fantastic and it will clean away the most hidden stuff, leaving only your glowing self.
Blind Barber Daily Face Cleanser $18
#2- Always Moisturize- We know, you don't want to be seen with Lotion. You need something that's made for a Man's skin. Here's where Ernest Supplies Comes in. First of all, it looks cool- it comes in a green packet that travels well- to the office, to the gym, to the beach. More importantly, this stuff is packed with natural anti-oxidants and anti-aging vitamins. It's not oily, but instead keeps you smooth and handsome.
Ernest Supplies Protective Matte Moisturizer $25


#3- Wear Suncreen- This one you've heard before- it's true. Take care of your skin now and you'll look great years from now. Whether you're out in the direct sun, or just on your way somewhere, in the Summer, put Sunscreen on everyday. Baxter of California makes a great guy-one. Not oily, unscented, and doesn't leave a white film on your face.  It also moisturizes while it works.
Baxter Super Shape SPF 15 $20

#4- How to Recover- So it's possible you went a little too long out on the links. Or a little too hard at the bar. Your skin will need a little help recovering. What you don't want to do is put synthetic or chemical-based on your face. Instead, go all-natural with Ursa Major's Face Balm. What it does is heals your skin from outdoor exposure, intense shaving, and the rigors of life.
Ursa Major Face Balm $36

So now, you're ready. Take Summer by her horns and enjoy it. We're here to help you stay handsome!
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