It's Wedding Season. You can't escape it- it's definitely happening.

There are likely 3 reasons you got invited:

1- Your college buddy is getting hitched (bachelor party!)
2- The bestest friend of your wife/girlfriend/significant other is having her dream wedding
3- Some distant cousin that you barely know and really don't care about is hosting nuptials at the Beach

Which one should you go to?  

All of them. Dear readers, weddings are an excuse to dress up, look great, eat someone else's food, drink their booze, and party like you mean it. Plus, no matter your relationship situation, flirting is permitted, even encouraged.
We can't help you with the last part, but we can make sure you look your best when you show up.  We've put together some of our best style ideas to ensure that you are The Best Man at the wedding, even if you're not.

Check it out here.

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