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Generally, we think Dads get a bad rap.
For one, there's the thankless nature of the job- making sure the lawn has grown no higher than the ankle, taking out the trash at the crack of dawn, shoveling the driveway in sub-zero blizzards, and tackling the never ending "honey-do" list.
And then there's the "peace and quiet" quest. You know what we're talking about, Dad's eternal search for a minute of rest, which he never seems to get because all of the things that need to get done.
Lastly, there's a period of say, 20 years when you were pretty sure your Father had no idea what he's talking about. What an idiot! He doesn't know anything!  He must have hated that time.
Now, much later, with more wisdom and time, we can recognize the tremendous appeal of Fatherhood. Dad did know what he was talking about. In fact, he was always there for us.  And we never really properly thanked him.
Well, that's what today is for, folks. Father's Day is today and it's his one and only day every year where he's allowed to drink a beer, take a nap, and achieve that blissful state of Peace and Quiet.  
So thank him.  
And then ask him to lend you money.
Happy Father's Day!


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