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It all started with a night on the Couch. Who knew it was such a big deal? We're Men, we've got more things to worry about than where the keys and wallet go. Like fishing, worrying about the Stanley Cup, making sure there's enough Bourbon for the weekend, and maybe upgrading to a new Grill.  

Well, apparently it is a big deal, and after being banished for the night to the sofa after a nuclear meltdown over said Man-stuff's location, we got to brainstorming with our favorite craftsmen in Brooklyn.   This led to the coolest, modern Man Trays ever.

Made by Maxx & Unicorn, these are handsomely crafted from sustainably harvested American hardwoods like Cherry, Maple, Walnut. Each piece is handmade and unique-no two are identical.  They're designed to hold the precise contents of your pockets at any given time. A traditional Valet sized tray as well as a smaller bowl-shaped tray were created to meet the needs of Manhood. The larger tray features a slot a smartphone area with a slot to neatly hold your charging cord.  
Both Valets are very cool and they're also significant-other approved.
Check them out here. They're available only in limited quantities.


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