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Finally, it's Summer!  You are sitting in the bar just near one of the open windows. It's been a long day and you are finally enjoying a cold one.  Long before you see it, you hear it- the low rumble and bass of a serious bike.  It gets closer and then stops, possibly outside.
In from the light enters a man. Bearded, tattooed, strong-looking, and serious, he comes straight to you and hands you- a Pen. He might be Bill Karas of Karas Kustoms. And it's not just any Pen he give you, it's THE PEN, the one and only one you may ever need. 
In his workshop in Arizona, Bill and his team craft cool Pens and Accessories with their serious industrial machine shop. Two years ago, Bill made an important switch from building customized parts for Motorcycles and Hot Rodders into crafting sturdy but refined things that a guy wants, no that a guy needs.  Following a successful Kickstarter compaign where they achieved their goal nearly 25 times over, the Karas Kustoms pieces continue to inspire envy in the friends of those lucky enough to own a piece.
Made by skilled craftsmen, the Karas Kustoms pens are strong enough for the industrial age but refined enough for serious ballers. We're proud to offer a selection of Bill's pens and accessories here at The Lodge, all built with with serious style here in America.
Shop Karas Kustoms pieces here.
Check out the video for a message from Bill Karas

Karas Kustoms- About Us from Karas Kustoms on Vimeo.


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