Dear Old Dad.  He just wants to relax, watch some Baseball, tinker in the Garage, sip Bourbon in his Lucky Chair, and enjoy Life.
Instead, there's THE LIST. You know what I'm talking about- The List of things that must be done, the Chores, the Pick-Up list. Known in the secret society of Fatherhood as the "Honey-Do List"
Fortunately, as children of Fathers, Dads are quite handy.  They taught us how to tie our Ties and our Shoes.  How to open the door for everyone else. They've even been known to shovel our driveway in the dead of Winter. And we've been bailed out of trouble more than once by ours.
So his day is coming- June 15th. The time to say Thank You.  In the spirit of the Honey Do List, we've made a list of the Top 12 Father's Day items at The Lodge.
Check them out below and start shopping here for Father's Day.

1- Our Hand-Made Valet Trays

2- Our Cuff Links made from Vintage tokens

 3- The Solid Ties by Glendon Lambert

4- Our Old-School Leather Baseballs

5- The Shave Kit by Baxter of California

6- Whiskey Stones for the whiskey lover

7- The Horween Leather Notebook & Passport Cover

8- Pocket Knives from Santa Fe Stoneworks

9- Dopp Kits for the World Traveler

10- The Business Briefcase by Coronado Leather

11- The World's Best Wallet- Made from Cordovan Leather

12- The Weekender Leather Duffel Bag



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