There are so many things to remember. What to pick up and when. Our favorite bourbons. That little Italian restaurant in Austin. Ms. Lodge's birthday. How in the world does one keep track? 
Field Notes. That's how.  Our favorite Chicago-based brand crafts great notebooks that are pocket-sized and great for keeping life together. They're inspired by the notebooks farmers used in the 1900s to keep tabs on their fields, hence the name Field Notes.  
The latest limited edition from the brand is called Shelterwood. It's a notebook, but it's not just any notebook. It's all made from wood. Yes, paper is derived from wood, we know that. In this case, the cover IS wood, Wisconsin Cherry to be exact. It's got a cool texture and you can be one with nature while you're sitting in a non-natural office space.  We've included a video from the brand to show how these cool books are made.
So if someone asks you is that wood in your pocket or are you happy to see me, you can say "BOTH"




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