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In Montana, the spirit of Outdoors life and the vast scale of our Earth is always evident.  The state is packed with Mountain ranges, River valleys, and Big Sky.  Montana, translates into mountains in Spanish.  In this place, many men and women have taken to the sport of climbing with a passion to connect with nature and to conquer it.  One such man was Mark Epperson.
In the early 1970s, Mark was part of the climbing movement that yielded many famous American names. It was a scrappy world, living in the wild, without many possessions or money, just living to climb. Mark was faced with the same challenge as his peers- how to excel with gear that was available on the market.  Unfortunately, nothing met his standards- lightweight, tough, rugged, and cool. Naturally, he decided to make his own, setting up shop in Libby, Montana in 1973.
Forty years later, his spirit and legacy live on in his brand, Epperson Mountaineering. Makers of great outdoors bags, his packs are coveted for their strength, durability, and coolness by both Outdoorsmen and folks who hike city streets. We're proud to offer Epperson's products here at The Lodge with a great Climb Pack, Daypack, and gear tote.
You can see Epperson's collection here.



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