This Saturday, the race known as the "Greatest Two Minutes in Sports" will take place. As thousands descend upon Louisville for the Kentucky Derby, we here at The Lodge express our envy as we won't be making the trip this year. But no mind, we'll still celebrate, honoring those great traditions that have taken place, uninterrupted, since 1875. Here's how-
First of all, it's very important how one dresses at The Derby. For a guy, there's no better excuse to don your new, cool dressy Summer gear, even though it's not quite the season yet. I'm talking Seersucker, Bowties, Lobsters, and straw hats. In return, you'll get to see beautiful women wearing Summer dresses and huge hats.
Sometime around noon, you can begin honoring the second tradition of the Kentucky Derby.  Put a few sprigs of mint in the bottom of an ice cold silver cup, add in sugar and muddle. Fill your mug with crushed ice and add your favorite Bourbon. Stir and top with more mint. You've just made yourself the perfect Mint Julep.  Repeat as often as necessary.
If you can make it until 6:24pm, then you're ready for the race. Twenty horses, all 3 years of age will face off, running the mile and a quarter to win. What do they get? A blanket of 400 roses, over a million in cash, some serious bragging rights, and a shot at the Triple Crown, an honor only 11 horses have taken. If you do get the chance to go and you happen to miss watching the race, you'll be in great company. The infield of Churchill Downs is packed with spectators who are, um, tailgating and the only horse they usually see is the one on top of a bottle of Blanton's.
So we're already distracted thinking about the big event- it's hard to work when the weekend is so huge. To help you get ready, we've put together some ideas on what to wear and you can see it here.
Meanwhile, we'll be here testing out our Mint Julep recipe.

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