Since the 1950s, NASA has been trying to work out the logistics of sending our brave Astronauts to Mars. Several unmanned explorers have been launched to test the conditions over there. Why? In case we ruin our own planet, we might need somewhere to go.
It's fairly easy living in America to take some things for granted- the ability to own land, have clean water, take a road trip to beautiful National Parks, and generally enjoy the Outdoors. We like nature here at The Lodge. It's where men can do manly things and be one with nature.  So in honor of Earth Day, we'd like to share some of our tips for taking better care of this planet of ours.
-Drink Bourbon.  We've been to Kentucky. Everything used in the process of making Bourbon is recycled. Nothing is wasted. Used barrels are sent to Scotland. Bottles are recycled. Even the spent grains are sent to farms to feed the animals. After water, we think of it as nature's drink.
-Ride a bike.  If you can, try out a beach cruiser, even if you don't live near the beach.  They look cool, go at a leisurely pace, and still allow you to drink your bourbon (See above)
-Skip socks in the Summer. Frankly, you don't like wearing them anyway, do you? You'll save some water, energy from fewer laundry loads.  And you'll have a bit more spring in your step.
-Make love, not war.  The most earth-friendly activity.
-Keep trees and plants around. We've got plenty here at The Lodge and in our offices. They feed you oxygen and they ask for so little in return.
Think about the Earth more than once a year. You know, it's the only one we've got.

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