Now that the temperature is comfortably reading Spring, have you made the switch to your Spring look?  We're just breaking out our old favorites here at The Lodge and we decided it's time for some new Spring gear.  Here are 5 great ideas to update your Spring look-
1- A new tie- The newest ties of the season are still on the slim side, with widths between 2" and 3"", but the days of super-skinny ties have passed. We think the slim tie still looks fresh with the narrow lapels of the modern suits and blazers. We think you can't go wrong with these picks from Glendon Lambert
2- A tie bar is the best way to top off your tie and give a little wink that you're in the know. Plus it has a function- keeping your tie somewhat in place as your run around ruling the world. These great ones from Gaia Metal Studio are made by hand.
3- Ok, if you're sitting down reading this, cross your legs. What do you see? Boring socks.  Come on, if you have to wear socks, live a little. Here are some fun options that spice things up a bit from Union Thread. Maybe you'll be the only one who sees them, but who cares? At least you'll know.
4- What are you carrying your gear in?  Oh, one of those free convention bags, you know with "Top Achievers Club, Dallas, 2011" emblazoned on the side.  Or maybe an old backpack.  Gentlemen, no matter what business you're in, if you're carrying a bag, it says everything about you.  Here are our top picks for updating your bag this season from Wheelmen, Filson, and Coronado.
5- You're a man.  You can pull off pretty much anything, if you've got the confidence. We like bracelets here at The Lodge because it has absolutely no use whatsoever, other than to remind us of freedom, independence, and days on the beach. Even if we're stuck in an office.   Here are some of our favorites for Spring from Coronado and Cause + Effect.
Just a few simple additions to your look, and people will take notice.  Oh, and everything we've just shown you is made right here in the U.S.A. and available now at The Lodge.
"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn"- Gore Vidal

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