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Fed up with walking into one of those department stores and being assaulted with the spritzers? You know what we're talking about. A beautiful woman accosts you, dressed in black, dripping with jewelry and unbuttoned down to there. She asks, would you like to try Secret by Kalvin Klein* and then Bam, sprays some terrible juice all over you.  No, that's not for you. Glass bottles are for Perfume.  We've got something better.
Just in here at The Lodge is Alfred Lane- the best solid cologne available on the market. These are scents formulated just for guys who want to smell like Men and made solid so that you're in control. No fruity things here, no secret topnotes of Lavendar and Persimmon, none of that BS. Just guy scents. Best of all- it comes in a tin, which makes it perfect for your pocket, gym bag, or desk. These guys at Alfred Lane make it easy to stay in the Game and be on top of yours.
Get it here at The Lodge.


  • Posted On April 15, 2014 by The Lodge

    Hey David,
    You would use it like other colognes. Instead of spraying on, you put a little on your fingertip and rub on your neck or wrist, where you would normally wear cologne. Because it comes in a tin, it’s super easy to take with you while traveling or on the go.

  • Posted On April 10, 2014 by David

    Ok sounds great tell me how its used.
    Would like to make a purchase just want more details.

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