What happens when you take something tough and combine it with something rugged. You get Dust Bowl Dry Goods.  We recently discovered craftsman Shon Mickinley's work through the Martha Stewart American Made competition. Shon's brand, Dust Bowl Dry Goods was one of the finalists and we were impressed by his cool gear.
Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the brand uses tough but soft leather from the SB Foot Tannery in Minnesota, the same leather supplied to Red Wing for boots.  You know that's got to be good leather. But he doesn't just use great leather- he lines his wallets and man-trays with cool rugged canvas printed with Bandanas, Camouflage, and handsome ticking stripes.  Each piece is finished with copper rivets for strength, just like your jeans.
Now I know what you're thinking- I don't need another wallet or a man-tray.  Yes you do.  You need these.  You want these.  Trust us, your friends will be envious.  Ours were.
Check out Dust Bowl Dry Good's collection here.

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