We'd like to wish you a Happy St Patrick's Day!
A holiday we look forward to with gusto, we can think of no better occasion than drinking Whiskey, green beer, and getting all crazy on a Monday afternoon.
Between sips, we got a little curious about the history of St Patrick's and the tradition of wearing green and we thought we'd share with you our findings.
Saint Patrick was an actual fellow, living in England (yes, he was English) in the late 4th century. Early in his life, he was kidnapped and enslaved by Irish traders before ultimately escaping and becoming a priest in his adopted country. He lived the life of a missionary, doing public service deeds and religious work the remainder of his life.  Legend has it that he used a shamrock to explain the Trinity to his converts, forever associating the shamrock and the color green with St Patrick's.  In the 1600s, the Catholic church made the day of his death, March 17th, an official holiday and feast day to commemorate his life's work.
In the 1700s in America, Irish immigrants in Boston began celebrating March 17th as an annual cultural event. Eventually the tradition spread through Irish communities across the country and has become a holiday celebrated by pretty much everyone ever since.
So what's the deal with the pinching, you ask? Sometimes we don't mind giving or getting, but the tradition is one that began here in America.  The legend is that if you wore green on St Patrick's day, you wouldn't get accosted by Leprechauns, those drunk little green creatures who would pinch you, unless you wear green. So that evolved into folks pinching each other and cutting Leprechaun's out of the whole process, since they don't really exist, do they? Unless you eat Lucky Charms, in which case they definitely exist.
So we say, cheers!


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