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During the great exodus of American jobs that took place in the 1990s and 2000s, the American textile and apparel industry lost nearly 1 million jobs. What happened? Did Americans stop buying things? Did the economy crater causing factories to shutter?  Actually, no. Americans spent. The economy boomed. Corporate profits increased.  What happened was- outsourcing. All of those skilled jobs making beautiful bags, jeans, suits, ties, and shirts moved overseas- to China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, where labor was a fraction of what American workers accepted. Costs were lower, prices decreased and Americans were able to buy more things, all the while American brands still touted their "American-ness" while profits went up from the outsourcing.  Many great companies went out of business. 
Today, we're featuring a company that stayed in business- Parrott Canvas.  Based in Greenville, North Carolina, Parrott began in 1982 as a maker of Canvas products for the marine industry. Their location was at the epicenter of the American textile industry- fabric weavers, denim mills, furniture factories, and apparel makers were highly concentrated in the South Mid-Atlantic region. This proximity gave them skilled labor and close relationships with the fabric makers.  As they evolved into bags, totes, and corporate items, their peers began disappearing one by one. Parrott remained due to their perseverance, innovation, and faithful support of international customers.
We're bringing that home with our launch of the Ivy Prepster x Parrott Canvas collaboration. Ivy Prepster is one of our favorite brands, a New England brand with a pure preppy design aesthetic. They partnered with Parrott Canvas to create these colorful and handsome tote bags.  They're made of rugged American Cotton Canvas and are perfect for your Spring and Summer adventures. Plus they're made right here, in the U.S. of A.
You can get them here.


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