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We all strive to make our mark in life. Whether it be a career-defining legacy, an impact in your community, the raising of great children, or for the truly audacious, to be recorded in the history books.  We would argue that one of the most lasting impacts in history was created by an American over 100 years ago.  We're talking about Levi Strauss.
Consider this- today there are over 7 Billion people in the world. And 99% of them wear blue jeans.  Without Levi Strauss and friend Jacob Davis, this might not have happened.   The story goes something like this-
Levi Strauss was born on February 26, 1929 (today!) in Germany and headed to New York to join his relatives in a Dry Goods business.  Getting restless and hearing of the land of opportunity in California, he landed in San Francisco and established a merchant business selling wares to gold miners and dreamers. Legend has it that he was such a good merchant that he made more gold than was ever discovered by most of his customers.   
One of his customers in Nevada, Jacob Davis had fashioned a pair of pants using rugged fabric from Strauss's shop. He wanted help strengthening these pants, and together they invented and patented the first pair of copper-riveted jeans.  These soon proved useful to the miners who needed tough, rugged clothing to withstand their hard work days.  Then farmers discovered them, followed by cowboys, mariners, soldiers, train engineers, and then eventually artists, students, and pretty much everyone else. You see, that fine invention of denim fabric has been woven into the fabric of society and history- all due to the ingenious invention of Levi Strauss. I'm sure he never imagined the popularity his jeans would gain.
Today is his birthday. He would have been 175. We would say he's aged pretty well, wouldn't you?


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