A new arrival here at The Lodge has us thinking about Spring. It's been a long, hard winter here with feet upon feet of snow.  While we like all activities that bring us out of doors, shoveling snow isn't our favorite one. 
Our Spring collection from Glendon Lambert features handsome Brooklyn-made ties and pocket squares. Our friend Glambert has been scouring the globe for cool fabrics and he landed some rare finds with these ones from Japan and Italy. 
 What we really dig about Glendon's ties is that the beauty is in the fabric. While his are proprietary, meaning you won't find them elsewhere, you're getting a luxury tie on par with the best European brands, made with American craftsmanship for a not-luxury price.  And they're super cool in these new Spring colors. No matter where you go, we guarantee you'll get compliments, and possibly looks of envy.


Check out Glendon's Spring collection here.

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