What separates Men from the rest of the species?  Beards.  Only a man can grow that magnificent and fascinating growth of hair, smack-dab in the middle of your face. It's not just a privilege, it's what makes us, well charming. And cool.
But you know what's not cool?  Crumbs. Knots. A messy beard. You know what I'm talking about. Even worse, sometimes having one can irritate your skin, causing pain and suffering for sporting your badge of honor.
Enter Nathan and Garath, two beard-sporting gentleman from Los Angeles who felt that their beards were getting a little, well weird. Anything they tried on the market didn't quite help them clean and maintain order.  So they cooked up their own batch of Beard Wash and Beard Oil using ingredients found in nature.  And then people noticed. And complimented. And a business was born.  
Here at The Lodge, many of your have been asking for a better way to care for your beards and your skin underneath your epic manly growth.  Well guys, Beard Buddy is the answer, and we've just introduced it here at The Lodge.   
Get it here.

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