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One of our favorite all-time flicks here at The Lodge is Groundhog's Day.  Bill Murray is just damn funny and the celebration of Groundhog's Day is a uniquely American event.  It's a day when man leaves his fate and hopes of sunshine in the hands of a nervous, burrowing rodent.
The tradition began here in Pennsylvania by German immigrants who brought with them a unique heritage and tradition.  Apparently, looking forward to Spring is a universal tradition.  The earliest historical reference dates to 1841 where the celebrations in Morgantown recorded that, he in fact did see his shadow.  You see, the whole game is based on whether the sun is shining precisely when the Groundhog appears in the morning.  Shadow? The scared shitless little bugger goes back in for 6 more weeks of Winter hibernation.  No Shadow? Alas, Spring has sprung and Mr. Groundhog stays out to play.
So today, let's look to little Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous of weather prognosticators and see what he says. If you're a betting man, don't put money on this one- Phil's predictions have only been right 40% of the time.
Damnit, bring on the Spring!
Here's a link to our favorite Groundhog site featuring Punxsutawney PA's own Phil.


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