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The Lodge had the chance to visit Japan over the Holidays.  Here's part two of our trip roundup.
In Japan, they're quite fond of anime, action figures, and interesting characters. We ran into a few on our trip-


We were thrilled to have the chance to celebrate New Year's in Japan. In many ways, New Year's is the most important holiday of the year there, filled with traditions including visiting a shrine, getting one's fortune for the year, and eating traditional foods. And of course, shopping- the 2nd of January is bigger than Black Friday in the U.S. with every shop offering huge sales and the Fukubukuro or "Happy Bag" filled with bargains.


We decided to create our own tradition in Japan, which involves Whiskey.  Lots of it.  There is a huge appreciation for American whiskey and bourbon and many rare, fine vintages can be found there. We took every opportunity possible to sample the finest,spending our last yen on rare bourbon.


So we say, Arigato, Sayonara.  Thank you Japan for a great time. Until next time!


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