MEET MAKER'S MONDAY (formerly Cyber Monday)

We love a deal.  Our desire to have the coolest, latest gear is on par with our desire to spend as little money as possible acquiring said gear. Cyber Monday is a great day to find deals on gear that we've had our eye on.  This Monday, we're in luck because of Maker's Monday.

What's Maker's Monday? The day formerly known as Cyber Monday.

On Monday December 2nd, American craftsmen and manufacturers are standing together and saying, hey check us out. It's no secret that we like stylish, American-made things here at The Lodge.  On Maker's Monday, we encourage you to spend your Cyber Monday cash on American-made goods.  Why? Because there's some seriously cool shit being made right here at home and you can find it online.

For more information on the brands we like to shop on Makers Monday- look here.

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